Tuition is a scam

So I’m a teacher at a tuition centre and there’s no other feeling like it: you get to aid less knowledgeable kids on the basic workings of the career you’re about to go to. (For me, this is Mathematics and Physics)

But teaching someone the things that I didn’t need to get taught myself is beyond ridiculously easy… and easy money too.

Through hard work, a good work ethic, and some self-motivation, I believe, anyone can do as well as I did or better for their exams.

Tuition is a scam, which catches concerned parents off guard and makes them splash money in hope that their child gets some benefit.

In my opinion, the problem is with the parent and the child – if you aren’t able to instill a good sense of work ethic in your child’s life, then you’ve done a bad job.  Remember exams aren’t hard, they all seem to be memory tests… well during school anyway.

As a result, I feel obliged to rip off parents and help their kids learn what is already in their textbooks: information which is readily available but ignored on the subconscious pretence that help is needed.

Thank you, tutee parents, for giving me my shopping money.

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